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About California Condor

California Condor originates from a small Estonia as an “All Time Touring Band” forged in the light in 2021 with a collection of underground “revelation horsemen” who make 2 styles of music. The 1st style is Post Grunge & Alternative metal (The Band) and 2nd style is Hip-Hop with a dash of Metal (XIII).

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Brief History

 2020 May

Infinity meets with Kefka in Germany. As they’re driving towards Estonia. Kefka noticed a raven on the side of the road with its spine showing out. They stopped the car & went out to take care of the raven. They tried to take the raven to a veterinarian, but on the road he passed. The idea rose for a name Pandemic R.


2021 April

The plan to use the name PR was pushed aside due to some interrupting circumstances.


2021 May

Kefka calls Infinity to suggest old name Def and Rage. Infinity wants to use Condor’s name. He suggests opening up the bible from a random place, placing down an index finger. If it indicates back to the old way or to move forward. The chapter Jesaja 62:12-63:12 pt. 9 which reads “For love and compassion, he redeemed them. He lifted them up and carried them for the entire ancient days”

 2021 September

We were sinners. We were extinct, but we came back as California Condor.